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Crossed immunoelectrophoresis evaluated on a numerical basis revealed a close antigenic relationship between species of the genus Pasteurella. By cluster analysis, 4 groups on similarity levels between 87% and 72% S could be separated which were connected by a minimum level of 69.5% S. One subgroup included all biovars or subspecies consisting of strains(More)
PURPOSE Volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) has the potential to shorten treatment times for fluence modulated radiotherapy. We compared dose distributions of VMAT, step-and-shoot IMRT and serial tomotherapy for typical head and neck (H&N) planning target volumes (PTV) with sparing of one parotid, a complex paradigm and a situation often encountered in(More)
135 Pasteurella strains were cultivated from nasal swabs of sheep as well as pneumonic lungs of dead and slaughtered sheep. The specimen originated from 41 flocks in South Germany and from 15 flocks and 60 slaughter sheep in Syria (Hama region). Serovariety A2 prevailed amongst P. haemolytica strains (6) isolated in South Germany (53 strains) and in Syria(More)
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