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The super blue box recycling (SUBBOR) process is an enhanced, multi-stage anaerobic digestion process for mixed municipal solid waste (MSW) and other biomass feedstock materials. The technology centers on enhanced high solids, thermophilic digestion after steam-pressure disruption of the ligno-cellulosic fiber components that are recalcitrant to(More)
Negative information provides important additional knowledge that is not exploited for sensor data fusion tasks by default. This paper presents a new approach to incorporate such information about unoccupied, observed areas or missing measurements in the Kalman filtering process. For this purpose, a combination with a grid-based method is proposed to(More)
Biomass waste, including municipal solid waste (MSW), contains lignocellulosic-containing fiber components that are not readily available as substrates for anaerobic digestion due to the physical shielding of cellulose imparted by the nondigestible lignin. Consequently, a substantial portion of the potentially available carbon is not converted to methane(More)
Negative information provides important additionalk nowledge that is not exploited for sensor data fusion tasks by default.T his paper presents anew approach to incorporates uch information about unoccupied, observeda reaso rm issing measurements in the Kalmanfi lteringp rocess. Fort his purpose, ac ombination witha grid-based method is proposed to(More)
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