Heike Mitlöhner

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The H4K16 acetyltransferase MOF plays a crucial role in dosage compensation in Drosophila but has additional, global functions. We compared the molecular context and effect of MOF in male and female flies, combining chromosome-wide mapping and transcriptome studies with analyses of defined reporter loci in transgenic flies. MOF distributes dynamically(More)
The immunoglobulin kappa genes of nonhuman primates were studied by using sequence information and hybridization probes derived from the human kappa gene regions. The following results were obtained: (1) V kappa gene probes of the three major human kappa subgroups hybridized to restriction nuclease digests of DNA from the chimpanzees Pan troglodytes (PTR)(More)
In this report 118 mouse Vkappa genes are described which, together with the 22 Vkappa genes reported previously (T. Kirschbaum et al., Eur. J. Immunol. 1998. 28: 1458-1466) amount to 140 genes that had been cloned and sequenced in our laboratory. For 73 of them cDNAs are known, i. e. they have to be considered functional genes, although 10 genes of this(More)
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