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  • Heike Krebs
  • Archives of orthopaedic and traumatic surgery
  • 1978
Pathologic fractures are caused by alterations or strength and elasticity of bone For this reason these fractures, which follow a localised or generalised, benign or malignant disturbance of the bone, occur without the application of much force They are uncommon, representing only 0 5 % of all fractures. Despite this fact, pathologic fractures are very(More)
Our aim was to study the influence of infection with the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in non-hospitalized infants on sensitization to aeroallergens and the early manifestation of atopy. Six hundred and nine infants from the prospective German Multicenter Cohort Study on Atopy were included, 38% of whom had an elevated atopic risk. RSV IgG and IgM(More)
(-)Deprenyl, a specific monoamine oxidase subtype B inhibitor (MAOI-B), has been reported to be a safe and valuable adjunct to conventional treatment of parkinsonism. A double-blind, clinical comparison of (-)deprenyl with placebo was undertaken in 11 parkinsonian patients; the efficacy of 10 mg daily was studied over 4 weeks. In four cases the clinical(More)
Von 1976 bis 1980 wurden in unserer Klinik 161 Tibiakopffrakturen bei 159 Patienten behandelt. 40% der Frakturen wurden operativ versorgt. Der Heilverlauf wurde bei allen Patienten erfaßt. Drei bis sieben Jahre nach dem Unfall wurde eine repräsentative Patientengruppe untersucht. Da prognostisch ungünstige Frakturen mit Depression und Impression der(More)
The influence of such individual characteristics as age, sex, morphological characteristics (CDD angle, length of femoral neck, total and medullary diameter and score on the Singh osteoporosis index) on the loading capacity and deformation of the proximal end of the femur were determined in this experimental study. In all, 341 femora taken from the cadavers(More)
Acquired muscular ventricular septal defects (MVSD) after myocardial infarction (MI) can lead to right heart failure and cardiogenic shock with high mortality. Early surgical therapy is often difficult to perform but can reduce the mortality. The closure of congenital septal defects is performed with high safety. Therefore, the interventional closure of an(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with a patent foramen ovale (PFO) after cerebral, coronary, or systemic embolic events of presumed paradoxical origin are at risk for recurrent thromboembolism. We report our single-center experience of interventional closure of interatrial communications for secondary prevention of presumed paradoxical embolism. Methods and Results-(More)
Between 1976 and 1980 161 patients were admitted to our department with condylar fractures of the tibia. 60% of the patients were treated conservatively, 40% underwent surgery. The patients follow-up was analysed three to seven years after therapy and an examination of a representative group of patients was performed 1983. A direct comparison of therapeutic(More)