Heike Kaden

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Three bentonites of varying smectite content were investigated by dielectric spectroscopy in the frequency range 10(-4) to 10(6) Hz after storage at well-defined humidities. The identification of relaxation processes from complex permittivity measurements was difficult, since conductivity effects were superimposed on the underlying relaxations. Relaxation(More)
Mobile analysis with potentiometric sensors is well suited for field measurements. Ion-selective electrodes (ISE) based on polymeric membranes for in-situ determination of nitrate and ammonium contents in ground water, drinking water and surface water have been developed. The ISE are integrated in a multisensor module (MSM) for monitoring these ions over(More)
Disk and band shaped microarrayelectrodes (MAE) of gold and carbon have been developed. These electrodes can be used for electrochemical detection of different organic pollutants in organic and aqueous media. Differential pulse voltammetric, cyclic voltammetric and amperometric investigations at these MAE in stationary and flowing solutions with selected(More)
In this work, we focus on the atomic structure of the water interlayer of Na-exchanged montmorillonite. For two different surface charge densities, namely -0.086 and -0.172 C/m(2), the adsorption process in the presence of water is described by first principles calculations. We describe the interactions and forces for every water molecule entering the(More)
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