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The Emergence of the Campaign to Open Up the West: Ideological Formation, Central Decision-making and the Role of the Provinces
This article examines the formation of the Open Up the West policy from the 1980s to the present. Focusing on the dynamic interaction between central party-state and provincial-level players, itExpand
Reclaiming Legitimacy in China
Portland State University The contemporary politics of China reflect an ongoing effort by the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to reclaim the right to rule in light of the consequences ofExpand
Remaking the CCP's Ideology: Determinants, Progress, and Limits under Hu Jintao
Two decades after the predicted “end of ideology”, we are observing a re-emphasis on party ideology under Hu Jintao. The paper looks into the reasons for and the factors shaping the re-formulation ofExpand
Replicating Elite Dominance in Intangible Cultural Heritage Safeguarding: The Role of Local Government–Scholar Networks in China
Abstract: Since “intangible cultural heritage” (ICH) became the new focal point in the global heritage discourse, governments and scholars in many countries have begun to promote this new form ofExpand
Ideology after the end of ideology. China and the quest for autocratic legitimation
In political science literature on contemporary China, ideology is mostly regarded as a dogmatic straitjacket to market reforms that has been worn out over the years of economic success, an obsoleteExpand
In Search of Legitimacy in Post-Revolutionary China: Bringing Ideology and Governance Back
The contemporary politics of China reflect an ongoing effort by the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to claim the right to rule in light of the consequences of economic development, internationalExpand
China's Unwritten Constitution: Ideological Implications of a 'Non-Ideological' Approach
Since the promulgation of China’s present constitution in 1982, liberal approaches have been dominating debates in Chinese constitutional jurisprudence as well as political and legal dialoguesExpand
International Dimensions of Legitimacy: Reflections on Western Theories and the Chinese Experience
Western legitimacy theories have mostly focused on the nation-state and the domestic aspects of political legitimacy. However, with the acceleration of globalization, a dimension of legitimacy hasExpand
Ideological Reform and Political Legitimacy in China: Challenges in the Post-Jiang Era
As a Socialist country undergoing rapid social and economic transition, China presents a revealing case study on the role of ideology in the process of institutional change. Based on Douglass North'sExpand
Hong Kong press freedom in transition