Heike Hartmann

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In densely populated countries like China, clean water is one of the most challenging issues of prospective politics and environmental planning. Water pollution and eutrophication by excessive input of nitrogen and phosphorous from nonpoint sources is mostly linked to soil erosion from agricultural land. In order to prevent such water pollution by diffuse(More)
Nurses' attitudes influence decisions on physical restraints. A literature analysis was conducted on nurses', patients', and their families' attitudes towards physical restraint use in the elderly. While nurses' attitudes are characterized by ambivalence, patients and their relatives express mainly negative feelings towards the use of physical restraints.(More)
The anatomy of five bathysciadiid limpets, the type species Bathysciadium costulatum (Locard, 1898), Bathysciadium sp. B (off New Zealand), Bathypelta pacifica (Dall, 1908), Bathypelta sp. A (off New Zealand), and Bathyaltum wareni n.g., n.sp. (deep East Atlantic Ocean Basins), which all feed on decaying cephalopod beaks, has been investigated by means of(More)
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