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Driven by increasing demand for the monitoring of industrial perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), the identification of novel fluorine containing compounds (FOCs) and the tracking of organofluorine drugs and their degradation products, there is a clear need for sensitive, fluorine-specific detection of unknown FOCs. Here we report the first ever direct(More)
A fast and reliable method has been developed for the determination of total and soluble fluorine in toothpaste, important quality control parameters in dentifrices. The method is based on the molecular absorption of gallium mono-fluoride, GaF, using a commercially available high-resolution continuum source atomic absorption spectrometer. Transversely(More)
The dissipative processes in the Earth’s magnetosphere, such as the ring current and the auroral electrojets, depend on both the external solar wind forcing and factors internal to the magnetosphere. Previous studies have shown that artificial neural networks are able to compute the ring current index Dst very accurately from only solar wind data. In this(More)
We have used time-delay feed-forward neu-ral networks to compute the geomagnetic activity index D st one hour ahead from a temporal sequence of solar wind data. The input data includes solar-wind density n, velocity V and the southward component B z of the inter-planetary magnetic eld. D st is not included in the input data. The networks implement an(More)
Space Weather refers to conditions in space that can influence technological systems and endanger human health and life. In this article we discuss real-time predictions, of solar and geo space weather, and the effects. Our predictions are based on knowledge-based neurocomputing. A presentation is given of the forecast service prototype, that we have(More)
The chemical composition of complex inorganic materials, such as copper concentrate, may influence the economics of their further processing because most smelters, and particularly the producers of high-purity electrolyte copper, have strict limitations for the permissible concentration of impurities. These components might be harmful to the quality of the(More)
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