Heike Emmerich

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Here we develop a PDE (Partial Differential Equations) based model describing the dynamic behavior of strongly time-critical orders with multiple priorities of a process chain in an aeronautical supplier which is spread out over several time zones. The simulation results help us to understand the efficiency loss originating from the dynamics resulting from(More)
The association of ponasterone A (PNA) and 20-hydroxyecdysone with Kc cells is commensurate with their biological activity on this Kc cell line, the physiological activity ratio for PNA, 20-hydroxyecdysone and ecdysone is 1 : 50 : 2000, resp. Both association and release of [3H]-PNA are temperature-dependent, the activation energy was calculated as 16.7 cal(More)
Several derivatives of the arthropod moulting hormone have been synthesized which were coupled to AH Sepharose 4B yielding about 2 mumole ligand per g wet gel. As an indication of the suitability of the ligands for biological work the puff inducing capacity of their methyl esters was tested. The methyl ester of inokosterone-C-26-carboxylic acid possesses(More)
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