Heike Angerer

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The COMPASS experiment makes use of the CERN SPS high-intensity muon and hadron beams for the investigation of the nucleon spin structure and the spectroscopy of hadrons. One or more outgoing particles are detected in coincidence with the incoming muon or hadron. A large polarized target inside a superconducting solenoid is used for the measurements with(More)
The x-ray standing wave technique was used to determine the polarity of a 1 ␮m thick GaN film grown by molecular beam epitaxy on an ␣-Al 2 O 3 (0001) single crystal. The standing wave was generated by x-ray diffraction from the GaN film. The Ga K ␣ fluorescence yield was recorded as a function of incidence angle within the range of the GaN͑0002͒ reflection.(More)
  • J Arima, Sasaki C Sakaguchi, Mizuno H Tamura, Kashima A, Kusakabe H, Sugio S +21 others
  • 2011
Nuclear respiratory factor 1 co-regulates AMPA glutamate receptor subunit 2 and cytochrome c oxidase: tight coupling of glutamatergic transmission and energy metabolism in neurons. Coupling of energy metabolism and synaptic transmission at the transcriptional level: role of nuclear respiratory factor 1 in regulating both cytochrome c oxidase and NMDA(More)
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