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bubble size distributions, fractals, nucleation, volcanism Both power law and exponential vesicle size distributions (VSDs) have been observed in many different types of volcanic rocks. We present results of computer simulations and laboratory analogue e xperiments which reproduce these findings and show that the distributions can be interpreted as the(More)
We develop a model for the rheology of a three-phase suspension of bubbles and particles in a Newtonian liquid undergoing steady flow. We adopt an 'effective-medium' approach in which the bubbly liquid is treated as a continuous medium which suspends the particles. The resulting three-phase model combines separate two-phase models for bubble suspension(More)
Determining the microphysical location of impurities in natural ice from the polar regions is necessary for understanding the physical properties of ice and for assuring the integrity of ice core records. SEM, using a cold stage and X-ray microanalytical techniques, has proved to be the most powerful method so far for undertaking such work. Methods are(More)
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