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The focus of this study is on everyday positive emotions and their relations to critical appraisal antecedents. Following from classical appraisal theory and Pek-run's (2006) control-value theory of achievement emotions, two research questions were addressed, namely whether cognitive appraisals of control and value were related to discrete positive emotions(More)
In a sample of German students (125 women, 128 men) only 26.3% answered 10 mathematics problems in the D'Amore Test, fewer than Standing, et al. reported. Significant correlations were found for test and self-predicted scores but predictors were not the same in the two studies. Although there were no sex differences, women were more accurate in the mental(More)
(2003). Identification of underachievement with standardized tests, student, parental and teacher assessment. An empirical study on the agreement among various diagnostic sources. Abstract Parents, teachers and students themselves are close to irreplaceable as diagnostic sources in the identification of gifted students. The relevant research literature has,(More)
The effects of cinematic female role models on self-confidence in own abilities, interest, and academic elective intents of secondary school pupils were analyzed in two studies. In Study 1 the participants (N = 283) were randomly assigned to 1 of 3 groups. Each group watched a film after which they completed a questionnaire. In Film 1 the lead female(More)
Participation and system usage is crucial for virtual communities to develop and sustain. However, many communities report very low participation rates of members. Finding and studying strategies for fostering participation in virtual communities is therefore a growing field of research and different approaches for strengthening participation in virtual(More)
Previously, fine motor skills have been of little or no interest to giftedness research. New lines of thought have been advanced that imply that fine motor skills can be of significance in the identification of gifted persons as well as gifted underachievers. This would also have consequences for the diagnostic process underlying identification. An(More)
Implicit theories can influence learning behavior, the approaches individuals take to learning and performance situations, and the learning goals individuals set, as well as, indirectly, their accomplishments, intelligence, and creativity. For this cross-cultural study, Kenyan and German students were asked to draw a creative person and rate it on a number(More)
Previous correlational research has found indications that fine motor skills (FMS) link to early reading development, but the work has not demonstrated causality. We manipulated 51 preschoolers' FMS while children learned to decode letters and nonsense words in a within-participants, randomized, and counterbalanced single-factor design with pre- and(More)