Heidrun Hampel

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BACKGROUND Hemodialysis patients have a reduced response to vaccinations because of uremia-related immune dysfunction. To increase the immunogenicity of vaccines, antigens can be formulated with adjuvants. The new tocopherol-containing adjuvant system AS03(A) has not been tested yet in patients with end-stage renal disease. STUDY DESIGN Nonrandomized(More)
Two cases of perforation of a pancreatic abscess into the free peritoneal cavity are described. This normally lethal complication can be avoided if the pancreatic abscess is diagnosed early enough and the patient is operated or in time. Renewed abdominal pains and distension, septic temperatures, and vomiting in the course of conservative therapy of acute(More)
Both diastolic and systolic arterial blood pressure can be measured with reasonable accuracy in the intact unanaesthetized rat by an improved tail-cuff method, which is described. In 12 rats the results of the indirect technique were compared with simultaneous recordings of intraaortic blood pressure. From this comparison correlation coefficients were(More)
Im Zeitintervall zwischen Oktober 1998 und September 2001 wurden 565 Patienten mit leichter bis mäßiger AlzheimerDemenz in eine 12-wöchige Run-in-Phase eingeschlossen, in der die Patienten 5 mg Donepezil oder Placebo erhielten. Diese Phase beendeten 486 Patienten regelgerecht und wurden anschließend erneut auf Donepezil oder Placebo randomisiert. 242(More)
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