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We added dextrose for two 8-week periods (summer and autumn) to a highly heterotrophic headwater stream in North Carolina, U.S.A., to examine the responses of its benthic food web to increased labile carbon. We hypothesized that addition of labile carbon would elevate microbial abundance and activity, resulting in greater resource availability and higher(More)
The increasing threat of social engineers targeting social media channels to advance their attack effectiveness on company data has seen many organizations introducing initiatives to better understand these vulnerabilities. This paper examines concerns of social engineering through social media within the enterprise and explores countermeasures undertaken(More)
The influx of employees using social media throughout the working environment has presented information security professionals with an extensive array of challenges facing people, process and technology. Social engineering through social media is a formidable enterprise concern due to the proclivity of social engineers targeting employees through these(More)
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