Heidi T. Landry

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Deficiencies in nursing students' communication skills need to be addressed for students to influence and skillfully collaborate in crucial patient and self-advocacy conversations. This study evaluated the effectiveness of a communication competency educational program for nursing students (N = 61). A paired-sample t test determined that there was a(More)
Assessment of continuing competence of staff is a challenge for many healthcare organizations. There is no clear consensus as to what constitutes continuing competence or how to measure that competence. Methods for assessing continued competence of nurses are varied. A novel method, simulation and virtual reality technology, was used to assess the(More)
For centuries, livestock manure has been utilized as an invaluable soil amendment and fertilizer for crops. The continuing growth of the livestock industry in both developed and developing countries coupled with the implementation of more rigorous environmental regulations and protocols are increasing the importance of appropriate manure management systems(More)
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