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Heterotopia: anamnesis of a medical term
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Urban Asymmetries: Studies and Projects on Neoliberal Urbanization
The current global economic crisis provides an ideal backdrop for reviewing the dire consequences that neoliberal urban policies have had upon the city, and for discussing possible alternatives toExpand
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Mapping urban complexity in an Asian context
The second issue of Footprint aims at reuniting two themes which are receiving a great deal of attention in recent times: Asia’s extraordinary urban growth, and the problematique of mapping highlyExpand
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Ecologies of migration. Metabolic borderscapes and relational architecture
There is something fascinating that is intrinsic to the phenomenon of migration. The cyclical mass movement of large mammals across vast continents, the seasonal transatlantic flights undertaken withExpand
Introduction: Commoning as Differentiated Publicness
Contemporary commoning practices do not constitute a mere alternative, but instead comprise a qualitative threshold: a moment of critical differentiation. As such, they call out for the developmentExpand
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