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primary neuronal cultures, as well as in lesioned animal models, have provided evidence that GDNF is a survival factor for embryonic midbrain dopaminergic neurons shown to promote the survival of cultured dopaminergic Bute Medical Building, St. Andrews and motor, but not peripheral, neurons (Milbrandt et al., United Kingdom 1998). 6 Deltagen, Incorporated(More)
The subcellular localization 46100 Burjasot of the synucleins has not been established definitively, Spain and suggested sites of action include the presynaptic 3 Although its physiological activity remains unclear, Summary ␣-Syn has been implicated in the etiology of two common neurodegenerative disorders, Alzheimer's disease ␣-Synuclein (␣-Syn) is a 14(More)
Application of an antimicrobial varnish to the teeth of 33 adult volunteers resulted in the elimination of detectable mutans streptococci from the saliva of 21 of them for a mean period of 34.6 weeks (range, 4 to 89 weeks) without additional treatment. The mean number of applications of varnish required for elimination was 3.14 (range, 1 to 5). Extensive(More)
Isolates of mutans streptococci were obtained from the dental plaque of ten subjects before and after the subjects had been free of detectable mutans streptococci for a mean period of 14.6 weeks (range, from two to 36 weeks). The mutans streptococci had been rendered undetectable by chlorhexidine varnish treatment. Examination of the restriction(More)
A chlorhexidine dental varnish was applied to the teeth of 26 children, ten to 17 years of age, in an attempt to limit the increase in colonization by mutans streptococci that normally accompanies the placement of fixed orthodontic appliances and to assess the acceptance of the application procedure. Despite the insertion of the appliances in the month(More)
An abbreviated treatment with a chlorhexidine-containing varnish was compared with a similar treatment with a placebo varnish and with a prophylaxis alone for its effects on the numbers of detectable salivary mutants streptococci in 51 adults. The varnishes, applied once weekly for four weeks, were held in place with a covering layer of either of two(More)
CASE DESCRIPTION A sexually intact male Old English Sheepdog and a sexually intact female Bull Terrier were evaluated for renal dysplasia and chronic renal failure, respectively. CLINICAL FINDINGS Both dogs were anemic and had high serum concentrations of urea nitrogen and creatinine. Electrolyte abnormalities (calcium and phosphorus) were also evident.(More)
A 12 yr old castrated male domestic longhair underwent renal transplantation for treatment of chronic interstitial nephritis. Full-thickness intestinal biopsies obtained prior to transplantation revealed mild enteritis. Twelve months following transplantation, the patient underwent surgery for resection of a mesenteric mass causing septic peritonitis. The(More)