Heidi Ottevaere

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We report on the use of a free-space optical module to establish multi-channel intra-chip optical interconnections on an opto-electronic field programmable gate-array (OE-FPGA). The optical component was prototyped and replicated in our labs to provide 2x8 parallel channels. After careful alignment of the free-space module on the OE-FPGA 4 channels were(More)
Compressive sensing is a mathematical framework, which seeks to capture the information of an object using as few measurements as possible. Recently, it has been applied to holography, where the most frequently used reconstruction method is l<sub>1</sub>-norm minimization with the Haar wavelet as the sparsifying operator. In this work, we promote the CDF(More)
One of the grand challenges in solving the interconnection bottlenecks at the printed circuit board (PCB) and multi-chip-module (MCM) level, is to adequately replace the PCB and intra-MCM galvanic interconnects with high-performance, low-cost, compact and reliable micro-photonic alternatives. Therefore we address the following components in this paper: 1)(More)
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