Heidi N Keiser

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Frank orthogonal vectorcardiograms (VCGs) were recorded from 10 subjects prior to, during, and for 15 min after exposures to +3Gz , +5Gz, and +7Gz. The order of acceleration exposure was randomized, with the individual exposures separated by at least 1 week. Standard USAF anti-G suits were worn by all subjects. Detailed analysis of the scalar lead(More)
Separate meta-analyses of the cognitive ability and assessment center (AC) literatures report higher criterion-related validity for cognitive ability tests in predicting job performance. We instead focus on 17 samples in which both AC and ability scores are obtained for the same examinees and used to predict the same criterion. Thus, we control for(More)
Women typically obtain higher subsequent college GPAs than men with the same admissions test score. A common reaction is to attribute this to a flaw in the admissions test. We explore the possibility that this underprediction of women's performance reflects gender differences in conscientiousness and college course-taking patterns. In Study 1, we focus on(More)
The Dispositional Flow Scale-2 (DFS-2; Jackson & Eklund, 2002) may be one of the most promising measures for assessing Csikszentmihalyi's (1990) construct of "autotelic personality." Despite strong internal validity, external validity of the DFS-2 remains open. We used 2 methods to provide evidence for external validity: (1) multiple-time assessments of(More)
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