Heidi McBain

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BACKGROUND There is a need to understand what affects the success of in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) and the rate of resulting twin births so that pregnancy rates can be improved and multiple gestations avoided. Our aim was to assess the role of B vitamins and genetics. METHODS We did a prospective cohort study of 602 women undergoing fertility treatment. We(More)
As the field of family therapy has evolved, there has been growing recognition as to the importance of gender in family therapy. To prepare the next generation of family therapists adequately, it is important that they recognize the many and complex ways in which gender permeates their work. In this article we present an integrative model to help educators(More)
AIMS To identify the barriers to and enablers of effective insulin self-titration in people with Type 2 diabetes. METHODS A qualitative semi-structured interview approach was used. Questions were structured according to the Theoretical Domains Framework, which outlines 14 domains that can act as barriers to and enablers of changing behaviour. Interviews(More)
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