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CRISPR, the disruptor
A powerful gene-editing technology is the biggest game changer to hit biology since PCR. But with its huge potential come pressing concerns.
Education: The PhD factory
How to solve the world's biggest problems
Interdisciplinarity has become all the rage as scientists tackle climate change and other intractable issues. But there is still strong resistance to crossing borders.
Cancer-fighting viruses win approval
Translational research: 4 ways to fix the clinical trial
Clinical trials are crumbling under modern economic and scientific pressures. Nature looks at ways they might be saved.
Cancer: The Ras renaissance
Thirty years of pursuit have failed to yield a drug to take on one of the deadliest families of cancer-causing proteins. Now some researchers are taking another shot.
Big science: The cancer genome challenge
Databases could soon be flooded with genome sequences from 25,000 tumours, and researchers face obstacles as they search for meaning in the data. Expand
CRISPR: gene editing is just the beginning
The phones have been ringing a lot since early 2013, when researchers first reported 1–3 that they had used the CRISPR– Cas9 system to slice the genome in human cells at sites of their choosing. Expand
Hopes rise for coronavirus drug remdesivir
Despite conflicting studies, results from largest trial yet show the antiviral speeds up recovery, putting it on track to become a standard of care in the United States. Despite conflicting studies,Expand
Six months of coronavirus: the mysteries scientists are still racing to solve
From immunity to the role of genetics, Nature looks at five pressing questions about COVID-19 that researchers are tackling. Six months into the outbreak, Nature looks at the pressing questions thatExpand