Heidi Jurvelin

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BACKGROUND Bright light treatment is effective for seasonal affective disorder (SAD), although the mechanisms of action are still unknown. We investigated whether transcranial bright light via the ear canals has an antidepressant effect in the treatment of SAD. METHODS During the four-week study period, 89 patients (67 females; 22 males, aged 22-65, mean(More)
PURPOSE A recent study suggests that transcranial brain targeted light treatment via ear canals may have physiological effects on brain function studied by functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) techniques in humans. We tested the hypothesis that bright light treatment could improve psychomotor speed in professional ice hockey players. METHODS(More)
This paper introduces a novel algorithm for estimating energy expenditure during physical activity. The estimation is based on acceleration data measured from a wrist-worn accelerometer. Simultaneous measurements of acceleration and oxygen consumption using a biaxial accelerometer and a breath gas analyzer were made during four different activities:(More)
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