Heidi Janssens

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The interplay of occupational and leisure time physical activity (LTPA) in affecting cardiovascular health is subject to debate. This study aimed to examine the independent and interacting associations of leisure time and occupational physical activity (OPA) with the incidence of coronary events within the BELSTRESS cohort. The study included 14,337(More)
OBJECTIVES This study aimed at investigating cross-sectional relationships between psychosocial characteristics of work and presenteeism in a sample of Belgian middle-aged workers. MATERIAL AND METHODS Data were collected from 1372 male and 1611 female workers in the Belstress III study. Psychosocial characteristics assessed by the use of(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examines the multidimensional association between reciprocity at work and depressive symptoms. METHODS Data from the Belgian BELSTRESS survey (32 companies; N = 24,402) were analyzed. Multilevel statistical procedures were used to account for company-level associations while controlling for individual-level associations. RESULTS(More)
Background Measurement of hair cortisol concentration (HCC) may be used as a biomarker for chronic stress. However, the association between stress and HCC has rarely been investigated in a working population. Aims To explore associations between (i) HCC and various stress measures and (ii) HCC and symptoms of depression in Belgian workers. Methods Hair(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the relationship between body mass index class, presenteeism, and prospective registered sickness absence. METHODS Data were collected from 2983 Belgian workers. Presenteeism was assessed by a single question, evaluating the frequency of being at work, despite illness, during the preceding year. Sickness absence data were registered(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of job stress on sickness absence of nurses and determine the predictive power of the Demand-Control-Support (DCS) model, the Effort-Reward Imbalance-Overcommitment (ERI-OC) model, and a combination of both. DESIGN A survey was conducted to measure job stress in a sample of 527 Belgian(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to examine the relation between sickness presenteeism and different types of future sickness absence in 2,983 Belgian middle-aged workers. METHODS Data were collected from 1,372 male and 1,611 female workers. Presenteeism was assessed by a single question, evaluating the frequency of occasions of going at work, despite(More)
BACKGROUND The persistent lack of evidence on causal mechanisms between social capital and health threatens the credibility of the social capital-health association. The present study aims to address this ongoing problem by investigating whether health behaviours (i.e. smoking, alcohol consumption, and physical activity) mediate the prospective relation(More)
Introduction The associations between several measures of low employment quality and some specific health and safety outcomes have become the subject of more recent investigation. The main objective of our study is to examine the relationships between irregular work arrangements indicators including contract type, long working hours, multiple jobs, shift(More)
OBJECTIVES Self-efficacy is defined as a person's beliefs in his or her abilities to successfully complete a task, and has been shown to influence student motivation and academic achievement. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact of a new European teaching module in occupational medicine on undergraduate students' self-efficacy and knowledge(More)