Heidi Hernandez

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In the present study, we have examined the expression of both presenilins in the rat hippocampus, cortex, striatum, and cerebellum after middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCA-O), an animal model of ischemia. The cortex showed the greatest increase in PS mRNA levels (7-10-fold) at 4 and 8 days posttreatment. Presenilin-1 (PS-1) levels in the contralateral(More)
Mutations in the presenilin-2 (PS-2) have been shown to cause early onset Alzheimer's disease (AD) in a series of families known as the Volga Germans and in an unrelated Italian kindred. Expression of the PS-2 gene is regulated during AD, aging, development and brain injury. Although expressed primarily in neurons, enhanced levels of PS-2 have been reported(More)
In this study, the upregulated expression level of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in a pulmonary endothelial cell line (HPMEC-ST1.6R) infected with dengue virus serotypes 1, 2, 3, and 4 (DENV-1, -2, -3 and -4), was investigated. This cell line exhibits the major constitutive and inducible endothelial cell characteristics, as well as angiogenic(More)
We recently reported that integrin α(v)β(3) is necessary for vascular barrier protection in mouse models of acute lung injury and peritonitis. Here, we used mass spectrometric sequencing of integrin complexes to isolate the novel β(3)-integrin binding partner IQGAP1. Like integrin β(3), IQGAP1 localized to the endothelial cell-cell junction after(More)
An increased percentage of circulating IgG molecules that lack galactose from the oligosaccharides on the CH2 domain correlates with disease severity in tuberculosis, rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn's disease. We have recently observed that a single injection of 10(9) autoclaved Mycobacterium vaccae given to tuberculosis patients 7 days after the initiation(More)
Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) is characterized by inhibition of the growth of the retinal vessels and subsequent neovascularization. Pharmacologic doses of glucocorticoids are known to decrease growth and to suppress inflammation. The aim of the present study was to investigate whether hyperoxia and/or glucocorticoid affect the growth of the retinal(More)
After i.p. inoculation with the Guajira strain of Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus a significant decrease in the density of (3H) spiroperidol binding sites in the striatum, midbrain and frontal cortex was observed. No changes in the affinity of the receptors could be demonstrated. This finding is compatible with neuronal degeneration caused by the(More)
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