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A laboratory study of potential effects of the invasive round goby on nearshore fauna of the Baltic Sea
Results suggest that small round gobies will selectively feed on the preferred prey if available and if not, their feeding will reflect the availability of various prey items in the environment. Expand
Infection rates and prevalence of metazoan parasites of the non-native round goby (Neogobius melanostomus) in the Baltic Sea
The round goby has not retained parasites from its area of origin, but instead has been successively colonized by native generalist parasites, and overall parasite richness is still quite low around the Baltic compared to the native areas. Expand
The food web positioning and trophic niche of the non-indigenous round goby: a comparison between two Baltic Sea populations
The trophic position of round gobies in Mariehamn is significantly higher than in Hel, also suggesting differing resource and habitat availability and levels of intraspecific competition between areas, and the ontogenetic patterns differ between the two invasive populations. Expand