Heidi Haynal

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Recent research presents a technique to enumerate all valid assignments of “twiddle factors” for power-of-two fast Fourier transform (FFT) flow graphs. Brute-force search employing state-of-the-art Boolean satisfiability (SAT) solvers can then be used to find FFT algorithms within this large solution space which have desirable characteristics.(More)
For k a field of arbitrary characteristic, and R a k-algebra, we show that the PI degree of an iterated skew polynomial ring R[x1; τ1, δ1] · · · [xn; τn, δn] agrees with the PI degree of R[x1; τ1] · · · [xn; τn] when each (τi, δi) satisfies a qi-skew relation for qi ∈ k and extends to a higher qi-skew τi-derivation. We confirm the quantum Gel’fand-Kirillov(More)
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