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BACKGROUND Validation of a novel gene expression signature in independent data sets is a critical step in the development of a clinically useful test for cancer patient risk-stratification. However, validation is often unconvincing because the size of the test set is typically small. To overcome this problem we used publicly available breast cancer gene(More)
INTRODUCTION Predicting the clinical course of breast cancer is often difficult because it is a diverse disease comprised of many biological subtypes. Gene expression profiling by microarray analysis has identified breast cancer signatures that are important for prognosis and treatment. In the current article, we use microarray analysis and a real-time(More)
Word count = 8,623 (including references, tables, and figure legends) 33 34 2 ABSTRACT 1 Many studies have evaluated why males in mammals form social groups and the 2 associated costs and benefits; few however, have investigated how these groups are 3 formed and maintained. In this study, we observed behavioural interactions of 15 male 4 coastal river(More)
My thesis contains two chapters that have been prepared as manuscripts for publication. The first chapter, " The effects of diet, extraction technique and microsatellite primers on genotyping success and error rates of river otter (Lontra canadensis) faecal DNA " comprises the main effort of my work as a Master of Sciences student and will be submitted to(More)
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