Heidi Hakkarainen

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The effect of piracetam, a cyclical derivative of GABA, was compared with that of a placebo in a double-blind study of 60 patients with post-concussional syndrome of 2-12 months' duration. The daily dose of piracetam was 4,800 mg. After 8 weeks of treatment piracetam significantly reduced the occurrence and severity of the following symptoms: vertigo,(More)
Common migraine sufferers (25 males, 71 females) with a history of 2-6 attacks per month participated in a 4-centre trial comparing the prophylactic effect of timolol (10 mg b.i.d.) and propranolol (80 mg b.i.d.) to placebo. After a pretreatment period of 4 weeks they entered a double-blind 3-way cross-over trial with 3 treatment periods of 12 weeks each.(More)
Tolfenamic acid (a potent inhibitor of prostaglandin biosynthesis), ergotamine tartrate, acetylsalicylic acid, or placebo was administered during 160 migraine attacks in twenty women in a double-blind, cross-over study. Tolfenamic acid and ergotamine were equally effective in reducing the duration and intensity of attacks, but side-effects, especially(More)
BACKGROUND Gestational diabetes (GDM) has been associated with an elevated risk of type 2 diabetes in women after the pregnancy. Recognition of the factors differentiating the women at highest risk of progression to overt disease from those who remain normoglycemic after gestational diabetes is of key importance for targeted prevention programmes. To this(More)
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