Heidi Fisk

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  • Ruth Clark, David Holcombe, Editorial Director, Heidi Fisk, Brandon Copy, Charles Holcombe +8 others
  • 2002
To readily identify effective e-Learning, we need fewer end-user and expert opinions and more data. Decisions about e-Learning courseware must begin with an understanding of how the mind works during learning and of what research tells us about the factors that lead to learning. Here are the six principles that have emerged from controlled experiments in(More)
One of the current limitations surrounding surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) is the perceived lack of reproducibility. SERS is indeed challenging, and for analyte detection, it is vital that the analyte interacts with the metal surface. However, as this is analyte dependent, there is not a single set of SERS conditions that are universal. This means(More)
Flavin-dependent halogenases are potentially useful biocatalysts for the regioselective halogenation of aromatic compounds. Haloaromatic compounds can be utilised in the synthesis and biosynthesis of pharmaceuticals and other valuable products. Here we report the first X-ray crystal structure of a tryptophan 6-halogenase (SttH), which enabled key residues(More)
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