Heidi Döring

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The development of a universal approach to the identification of fungi from the environment is impeded by the limited number and narrow phylogenetic range of the named internal transcribed spacer DNA sequences available on GenBank. The goal here was to assess the potential impact of systematic DNA sequencing from a fungal herbarium collection. DNA sequences(More)
This work is the completion of a series of reports describing the nitrogen-fixing bacterial symbionts of sulla (Hedysarum coronarium L., Leguminosae) and providing the grounds for their proposal as a new taxon. The introduction summarizes a large amount of previous evidence gathered on the physiology, genetics and ecology of such organisms, which have in(More)
The phylogeny of Lecanoromycetes (Ascomycota, Fungi) is investigated utilizing parsimony and Bayesian Markov Chain Monte Carlo analyses, of combined nLSU rDNA and mtSSU rDNA sequence datasets. The results suggest that Acarosporaceae, Candelariaceae, Phlyctis and Pycnora are not members of the monophyletic Lecanorales, and that Timdalia and Pleopsidium are(More)
We demonstrated that the representatives of the family Rhizobiaceae possess, instead of one single 23S rRNA molecule, three different sets of 23S-like rRNA fragments with sizes of about: 135 b and 2.6 kb (set 1); 135 b, 400 b, and 2.2 kb (set 2); 135 b and two molecules of about 1.3 kb (set 3). In two of the fragmentations, intervening sequences – IVS I and(More)
The closely related genera Carestiella, Schizoxylon and Stictis (Stictidaceae, Ostropales, Ascomycota) are revised in northern Scandinavia, and a revised phylogenetic hypothesis, including all seven species of this group in the area, is presented. A key to the species of Stictis s. lat. (including Carestiella, Schizoxylon and Stictis) in Northern(More)
The orthodontist's early orthopaedic treatment of the newborn focuses on cleft palate infants and children with Down's syndrome. In more than 100 malformation syndromes, orofacial clefting occurs. The problem of syndrome diagnosis is discussed by way of clinical examples (Robin syndrome, Stickler syndrome). A case of orofacial digital syndrome serves to(More)
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