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BACKGROUND Cardiovascular comorbidities have a negative impact on the health status and prognosis of patients with COPD. We determined whether nocturnal noninvasive (positive) mechanical ventilation (NIMV) can improve heart rate variability (HRV), decrease circulating natriuretic peptide levels, and improve functional performance of patients with very(More)
As an in vivo model for studying human MHC (HLA) class I-restricted CTL responses to viral infection, we established a series of HLA Tg mice expressing HLA-A2, -B7 or -B27 human/mouse hybrid genes on a background deficient for H2 class I (Tg HLA(hyb)/H2 class I DKO). To determine whether CTL recognition of influenza A (flu) infection in Tg HLA-A2(hyb)/H2(More)
IL-18 is an essential cytokine for both innate and adaptive immunity. Signaling by IL-18 requires IL-18Ralpha, which binds specifically to the ligand and contains sequence homology to IL-1R and TLRs. It is well established that IL-1R signaling requires an accessory cell surface protein, AcP. Other accessory proteins also exist with roles in regulating TLR(More)
As community-based care has developed in line with current policy towards integrated care, some hospital placement capacity for student health professionals has been lost as a result of service reorganisation. However, student nurses and allied health professionals need to gain a broad range of experience to prepare them for the complex and rapidly changing(More)
Objective Pathology overutilisation is a significant issue affecting the quality and cost of health care. Because junior medical officers (JMOs) order most pathology tests in the hospital setting, the aim of the present study was to identify the main reasons for hospital pathology overutilisation from the perspective of the JMO.Methods A qualitative method,(More)
Understanding the impact of treatment policies on patient outcomes is essential in improving all aspects of patient care. The BC Cancer Agency is a provincial program that provides cancer care on a population basis for 4.5 million residents. The Lung and Head & Neck Tumour Groups planned to create a generic yet comprehensive software infrastructure that(More)
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