Heidi C. Webb

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OBJECTIVE To compare the efficacy of gentamicin, nebulised via the endotracheal tube (ET), with that of parenteral cefotaxime or parenteral cefuroxime in preventing the formation of ET biofilm. SETTING General intensive care units in two university teaching hospitals. DESIGN The microbiology of ET biofilm from 36 ICU patients eligible to receive(More)
We discuss a study conducted during a summer program for middle school girls that emphasized possible future careers that rely on computer technology. During the weeklong camp middle school girls created an original computer project, visited campus computer labs and listened to invited speakers - all with computer technology as the central theme. This paper(More)
AIMS The aim of this study was to develop a polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE) method for the rapid separation of 16S rRNA PCR amplicons from aetiological agents of acute meningitis. METHODS AND RESULTS Blood samples from 40 patients with suspected acute meningococcal meningitis were examined for the presence of causal agents, including Neisseria(More)
In this paper we describe a set of computing activities that were used in an outreach enrichment program for middle school girls. The computing activities used a combination of scaffolded exam-ples and minimalist workbooks to introduce and support interaction with computational thinking (CT) concepts, including problem solving, abstraction and basic(More)
  • Heidi C. Webb
  • 2011
Advances in technology are leading high schools to update computer science curricula; however there has been little analogous attention to technology-related education in middle schools. Middle school students are at a critical phase in life, when they are exploring more custom education options and starting to wonder “What do I want to be when I(More)
For many students summer technology programs are more than a way to 'get out of the house for the day'. It is the chance to learn new skills, explore unusual subjects and have fun. The choice of summer program by a middle school student can provide an initial spark of interest in future school work or careers. In this paper, a summer program for middle(More)
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