Heidi C. Pearson

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OBJECTIVE An HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccine will be available soon. Because vaccination for both boys and girls will be critical to reduce the incidence of this disease, we evaluated the willingness of women to accept the HPV vaccine and to consent to having their children vaccinated. METHODS A 20-item questionnaire was distributed to women who had(More)
In societies characterized by a high degree of fission-fusion dynamics, individuals adjust their grouping patterns according to the shifting balance of costs and benefits associated with grouping. This study examines influences on fission-fusion dynamics for dusky dolphins (Lagenorhynchus obscurus) in Admiralty Bay, New Zealand. This area is an important(More)
CONTEXT Many women undergoing cervical cancer screening lack appropriate understanding of the Pap test. It is important to evaluate knowledge and informational needs about Pap testing among groups who may have difficulty accessing care or a relatively low likelihood of obtaining follow-up for an abnormal result, such as minority and low-income women. (More)
We applied a general theoretical framework to understand intentions to attend recommended follow-up for abnormal Pap results. Participants were 338 women attending university-affiliated clinics. Intention was associated with favorable attitudes toward follow-up (OR = 5.3); perceiving attending follow-up as consistent with one's self-concept (OR = 3.0);(More)
Patient satisfaction correlates with important health behaviors and outcomes. Little is known about satisfaction in disadvantaged populations of different racial/ethnic backgrounds. The current study evaluated demographic and psychological correlates of patient satisfaction among a low-income, multiethnic sample of female outpatients attending cervical(More)
This descriptive study examined parents' perceptions of the role of mothers, fathers, and daughters in the decision to have their daughter receive the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine; perceived concordance between spouses and between parents and daughters; and the relationships between vaccine decision-making and (1) who takes the daughter to the doctor,(More)
We examined attitudes and behavior surrounding voluntary recycling in a population of low-income Hispanic women. Participants (N = 1,512) 18-55 years of age completed a self-report survey and responded to questions regarding household recycling behavior, recycling knowledge, recycling beliefs, potential barriers to recycling (transportation mode, time),(More)
PURPOSE To examine demographic, behavioral, and physical correlates of body esteem among female adolescents of lower socioeconomic background. METHODS Data were collected in a women's health clinic in southeast Texas as part of a larger investigation. A total of 271 female individuals aged 16-21 years completed the Body Esteem Scale (BES), which yields(More)
On the northern tip of New Zealand's South Island, bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) occasionally pass through Admiralty Bay in large, fast-traveling groups of 100 or so individuals. Watching such a group race and splash through the water is reminiscent of a stampeding herd of ungulates, cetaceans' closest terrestrial ancestors. At other times,(More)
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