Heidi Bredemeier

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The characteristics of CO2 lasers that render them interesting for surgical applications are reviewed. An instrument consisting of an integrated CO2 laser and beam manipulator, designed specifically for surgical research work, is descirbed. Operational characteristics of the instrument relevant to such work are reported. An accessory for endoscopic surgery(More)
Thirty-two conditioned 15-18 kg dogs underwent laparotomy, heparinization, left lateral hepatic lobe injury and subsequent partial left lateral hepatic lobectomy. The hemostatic capabilities of the surgical scalpel combined with suture ligatures and stay sutures, the Bovie, and the CO2 laser were compared. The CO2 laser proved significantly more effective(More)
In preliminary studies, the carbon dioxide laser with a specially devised surgical manipulator has been shown to have a great potential for surgical application, especially in neurosurgery. It can incise nearly all tissues, bore or drill, excise and vaporize as needed. Cancers, even when ulcerated and infected, can be made to disappear by vaporization or(More)
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