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Currently there are no widely used systems to electronically record individual patient consultations with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners. As TCM practice differs significantly from western medicine both in diagnosis and treatment, using information systems created for western medicine is not suitable. There is a need for information(More)
Poor adherence to medication can lead to negative health outcomes and increased financial burdens. We present a literature review on electronic medication reminders used for medication adherence in self care settings, to identify current and possible future trends. A structured PubMed search based on extracted MeSH terms provided a total of 45 publications(More)
This paper presents a framework to support analysis and trend detection in historical data from Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) patients. The clinical research extensions contribute to fundamental data mining framework research through the integration of temporal abstraction and support of null hypothesis testing within the data mining processes. The(More)
With the ageing of our society and the increasing pressure on health and aged care services, the need for technological solutions to help older people stay in their own home for as long as possible is becoming increasingly important. To create information and communications technology (ICT) that will fit with the way older people live their lives and wish(More)
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