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Intercultural crew issues in long-duration spaceflight.
Before long-duration flights with international crews can be safely undertaken, potential interpersonal difficulties will need to be addressed. Crew performance breakdown has been recognized by theExpand
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Conflict-handling mode scores of three crews before and after a 264-day spaceflight simulation.
INTRODUCTION In both the Russian and U.S. space programs, crew safety and mission success have at times been jeopardized by critical incidents related to psychological, behavioral, and interpersonalExpand
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Analysis of mission and aircraft factors in G-induced loss of consciousness in the USAF: 1982-2002.
INTRODUCTION Previous studies have used questionnaires to evaluate G-LOC incident rates in different aircraft types, but no studies of G-LOC-related incident, crash, and fatality rates in differentExpand
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Group dynamics and catecholamines during long-duration confinement in an isolated environment.
INTRODUCTION The objectives of this study were to investigate possible relationships between catecholamine excretion and long-duration confinement in an isolated environment. METHODS Stays of longExpand
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Preventing G-induced loss of consciousness: 20 years of operational experience.
INTRODUCTION Although anecdotal reports of G-induced loss of consciousness (G-LOC) in military aviation date back to before 1920, regular reporting did not begin until 1982. The effectiveness in theExpand
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Exercise load index and changes in body weight during long-duration confinement in an isolated environment.
PURPOSE The objectives of this project were to investigate exercise load and body weight related to long-duration confinement in a closed environment simulating ISS flight conditions, and to evaluateExpand
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European core curriculum in neurorehabilitation.
To date, medical education lacks Europe-wide standards on neurorehabilitation. To address this, the European Federation of NeuroRehabilitation Societies (EFNR) here proposes a postgraduateExpand
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