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A1_3 Dinosaur In-dial-gestion
In this paper we investigate the attenuation of sound waves originating from a ringing mobile phone, as they travel outwards from the stomach of a Spinosaurus, in order to determine whether theyExpand
A1_6 Ali G Cracks The Safe
Ali G sets up an elaborate plan to break into a safe - he links a series of cars together via their batteries to a human chain, to carry an electric current along, break into a safe and retrieve aExpand
A1_5 Welcome to The Fraternity
In the film Wanted, a secretive organisation of assassins perform amazing feats of marksmanship. Capable of altering the path of their shots from a straight trajectory to a curve in any directionExpand
The stellar rotation–activity relation for a sample of SuperWASP and ASAS-SN field stars
Abstract It is well established that late-type main-sequence (MS) stars display a relationship between X-ray activity and the Rossby number, Ro, the ratio of rotation period to the convectiveExpand
A1_1 Bruce Almighty: Moon Wrangler
In the film Bruce Almighty, starring Jim Carrey , as a romantic gesture he erases the clouds in the sky and draws the Moon closer to the Earth, using an invisible lasso. In this paper we haveExpand
SuperWASP Variable Stars: Classifying Light Curves Using Citizen Science
We present the first analysis of results from the SuperWASP Variable Stars Zooniverse project, which is aiming to classify 1.6 million phase-folded light curves of candidate stellar variablesExpand
A1_4 One Punch Man - Strength Test
The "hero for fun", Saitama, of "One Punch Man" shows an amazing display of strength to save his city from a falling meteor by punching it. We calculated that Saitama can pack a punch of 2.3x10^19NExpand
Satellite Constellation Internet Affordability and Need
We briefly review the impacts of satellite constellations on astronomy and show that the Internet service offered by these satellites will primarily target populations where it is unaffordable, not needed, or both. Expand
A1_2 One Punch Man - Speed Test
Saitama, the hero of "One Punch Man" has seemingly immeasurable strength and speed. We attempt to quantify his speed from a scene in which he jumps from the Moon to the Earth. We calculated Saitama'sExpand
A1_7 That's No Exoplanet!
As the Death Star II passes in front of the star of the Endor system, it could be detected using the methods of transit photometry and Doppler spectroscopy, commonly used to discover exoplanets. WeExpand