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Membrane fusion requires the formation of a complex between a vesicle protein (v-SNARE) and the target membrane proteins (t-SNAREs). Syntaxin 4 is a t-SNARE that, according to previous overexpression studies, is predominantly localized at the plasma membrane. In the present study endogenous syntaxin 4 was found in intracellular vesicular structures in(More)
Numerous mismatch repair (MMR) gene variants have been identified in Lynch syndrome and other cancer patients, but knowledge about their pathogenicity is frequently missing. The diagnosis and treatment of patients would benefit from knowing which variants are disease related. Bioinformatic approaches are well suited to the problem and can handle large(More)
Many proteins contain intrinsically disordered regions, which may be crucial for function, but on the other hand be related to the pathogenicity of variants. Prediction programs have been developed to detect disordered regions from sequences and used to predict the consequences of variants, although their performance for this task has not been assessed. We(More)
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