Heide Loehlein Fier

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MOTIVATION Population stratification is one of the major sources of confounding in genetic association studies, potentially causing false-positive and false-negative results. Here, we present a novel approach for the identification of population substructure in high-density genotyping data/next generation sequencing data. The approach exploits the(More)
One of the main caveats of association studies is the possible affection by bias due to population stratification. Existing methods rely on model-based approaches like structure and ADMIXTURE or on principal component analysis like EIGENSTRAT. Here we provide a novel visualization technique and describe the problem of population substructure from a(More)
MOTIVATION For samples of unrelated individuals, we propose a general analysis framework in which hundred thousands of genetic loci can be tested simultaneously for association with complex phenotypes. The approach is built on spatial-clustering methodology, assuming that genetic loci that are associated with the target phenotype cluster in certain genomic(More)
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