Heide Brandtstädter

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Experiments performed in a thin layer of the Belousov-Zhabotinsky solution subjected to a global feedback demonstrate the existence of the resonance attractor for meandering spiral waves within a domain of circular shape. In an elliptical domain, the resonance attractor can be destroyed due to a saddle-node bifurcation induced by a variation of the domain(More)
It is shown that meandering spiral waves rotating in excitable media subjected to periodic external forcing or feedback control resemble many features of nonlinear lumped oscillators. In particular, the period shift function obtained for the Poincaré oscillator is qualitatively identical to that for spiral waves under fixed phase control. On the other hand,(More)
The drift velocity field describing spiral wave motion in an excitable medium subjected to a two-point feedback control is derived and analyzed. Although for a small distance between the two measuring points a discrete set of circular shaped attractors are observed, an increase of induces a sequence of global bifurcations that destroy this attractor(More)
The design procedure should consist of selecting the switching manifold with sliding mode in order to design the desired dynamics of the motion equation and finding a discontinuous control function such that the state reaches the manifold and sliding mode exists in that manifold. The design of control for systems given by (1) can be easily performed for(More)
This article proposes a generalized block control principle. The algorithm, developed in the framework of sliding mode control, offers insensitivity to parameter variations and external disturbances and simplification of the control design. In contrast to the known Block Control Principle, decomposing of the system into blocks where the dimension of state(More)
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