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—This paper considers the jointly optimal pilot and data power allocation in single cell uplink massive MIMO systems. A closed form solution for the optimal length of the training interval is derived. Using the spectral efficiency (SE) as performance metric and setting a total energy budget per coherence interval the power control is formulated as(More)
—Consider the communication system model y = HFx+n, where H and F are the channel and precoder matrices, x is a vector of data symbols drawn from some lattice-type constellation, such as M-QAM, n is an additive white Gaussian noise vector and y is the received vector. It is assumed that both the transmitter and the receiver have perfect knowledge of the(More)
—We investigate the capacity of the multiple-input-multiple-output channel taking into account the consumed power in the power amplifiers. The mutual information is optimized with a limitation of total consumed power and per-antenna radiated power for a fixed channel with full channel state information at both the transmitter and receiver. The capacity is(More)
This work investigates linear precoding over non-singular linear channels with additive white Gaussian noise, with lattice-type inputs.The aim is to maximize the minimum distance of the received lattice points, where the precoder is subject to an energy constraint. It is shown that the optimal precoder only produces a finite number of different lattices,(More)
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