Hei-Fong Ho

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In this work we deploy five phases of the case-based reasoning in a fuzzy rating framework, which illustrates a holistic knowledge management method including eliciting expert's experience into case base, validating the expert's expertise in knowledge-consistency level, aggregating the judgments of weighted experts into final ratings, solving new problem by(More)
In this paper, we propose a hybrid decision model for supporting the ranking financial status of corporations using case-based reasoning augmented with genetic algorithms and the fuzzy nearest neighbor method. An empirical experimentation on 746 cases was conducted that shows that the average accuracy of the ranking is about 92% and 80% for the first order(More)
A novel model based on the synergy of fuzzy multicriteria group decision making technique and case-based reasoning is proposed for building a reliable rating system. Both fuzzy numbers and linguistic terms are applied for knowledge expression by experts. A measurement of knowledge validation is developed to evaluate the quality of experts’ judgments at a(More)
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