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In virtual MIMO technology, distributed single-antenna radio systems cooperate on information transmission and reception as a multiple- antenna MIMO radio system. In this paper, a new virtual MIMO communication scheme and routing protocol are cross layered designed for a wireless sensor network (WSN) to jointly achieve reliability, energy efficiency and(More)
We consider the resource allocation problem in a structured sensor network. While new technologies are making sensors smarter, smaller, and cheaper, an emerging problem is how to allocate limited energy, radio bandwidth, and other resources to achieve efficient global behavior for high performance, QoS, and long network lifetime. Conventionally, resource(More)
In this paper, we propose dynamic and decentralized approaches for optimally allocating multiple resources in virtualized data center that has time-varying workload and heterogeneous applications. Instead of using predication based approaches or sensor measurement based approaches for resource provision, in this work, we tackle the problem with market based(More)
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