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Quantum genetic algorithm is a recently proposed new optimization algorithm combining quantum algorithm with genetic algorithm. It characterizes good population diversity, rapid convergence and good global search capability and so attracts serious and wide attentions. This paper proposes a novel quantum genetic algorithm called variable-boundary-coded(More)
Safety constraints are a major aspect for human robots interaction. A new variable stiffness robot joint (VSR-joint) is proposed for operating safely. The proposed concept allows for the development of an actuation unit with a wide range of stiffness and a fast stiffness regulation response. The design of VSR-joint is compact and integrated highly and the(More)
The control principle of combining the intermittent heating control with the heating gas flow adjustment was adopted for coke oven heating control. Intelligent control strategy and an integrated model of coke oven heating were proposed, which combined two feedback control, one feedforward control and intelligent control. According to coking mechanism,(More)
The parallel packing robot has the advantages of high rigidity, strong carrying capacity and high precision, and Delta robot is a type of parallel robot. The TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) packing robot system is designed based on the Delta structure, which can be used in the packing of TCM products such as protein powder. The classic(More)
Scheduling in a manufacturing system is currently a research hotspot. This paper proposes a flexible, single-operation, serial-batch scheduling problem with mold constraints that arise from injection molding production. In such a scheduling problem, three decision problems exist: product batch splitting, sequencing, and resource selection. A(More)