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Volatile Flavor Compounds in Yogurt: A Review
  • Hefa Cheng
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Critical reviews in food science and nutrition
  • 22 November 2010
This review outlines the production of the major flavor compounds in yogurt fermentation and the analysis techniques, both instrumental and sensory, for quantifying the volatile compounds, and the few key aroma compounds described in detail. Expand
Lead (Pb) isotopic fingerprinting and its applications in lead pollution studies in China: a review.
The history and current status of lead pollution in China is summarized, the power of Pb isotopic fingerprinting is illustrated with examples of its recent applications in investigating the effectiveness of leaded gasoline phase-out on atmospheric lead pollution, and the sources of PB found in various environmental media. Expand
Municipal solid waste (MSW) as a renewable source of energy: current and future practices in China.
The major challenges in expanding WTE incineration in China are discussed, namely, high capital and operational costs, equipment corrosion, air pollutant emissions, and fly ash disposal. Expand
Geochemical processes controlling fate and transport of arsenic in acid mine drainage (AMD) and natural systems.
The geochemistry of arsenic is helpful for predicting its mobility and fate in AMD and natural systems, and for designing of cost-effective remediation/treatment strategies to reduce the occurrence and risk of arsenic contamination. Expand
Assessing heavy metal pollution in the surface soils of a region that had undergone three decades of intense industrialization and urbanization
The results indicate the significant need for the development of pollution prevention and reduction strategies to reduce heavy metal pollution for regions undergoing fast industrialization and urbanization. Expand
The Challenges and Solutions for Cadmium-contaminated Rice in China: A Critical Review.
To eliminate the long-term risk of Cd entering the food chain, soils contaminated by Cd should be cleaned up when cost-effective remediation measures are available. Expand
Meeting China's water shortage crisis: current practices and challenges.
China needs to and is undertaking several initiatives to conserve its water supply for human health and national productivity.
Heavy metal pollution in sediments of a typical mariculture zone in South China.
The heavy metal inventory and the ecological risk of the estuarine sediments in Hailing Bay, an important maricultural zone along the southern coast of China, were investigated, and cluster analysis suggested additional sources of heavy metal input in the aquafarming zone. Expand
Pretreatment of wastewater from triazine manufacturing by coagulation, electrolysis, and internal microelectrolysis.
The results suggest that internal microelectrolysis using iron chips and GAC is a promising, low-cost alternative for pretreating concentrated wastewater from pesticide manufacturing. Expand
Municipal solid waste fueled power generation in China: a case study of waste-to-energy in Changchun City.
A novel waste-to-energy incineration technology based on co-firing of MSW with coal in a grate-circulating fluidized bed (CFB) incinerator, which was implemented in the Changchun MSW power plant and is expected to play a role in meeting China's demands for MSW disposal and alternative energy. Expand