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In this paper, we describe a tactile feedback for a button GUI activated by a tap gesture on mobile touch devices. We implemented a new HW platform based on a film-type actuator to obtain a large range of tactile expression. From the analysis of touch interaction and user tests, we designed tactile feedback patterns and evaluated them. Two experimental(More)
In this paper, we propose cell-based pin-array tactile display which uses cell-based pins that express 2D-shape of character (letter, digit, etc.) in the form of line unlike general pins that offer stimulation of spot form. Human operator recognizes the information of letter or digit by scanning tactile display device's surface freely using skin tissue of(More)
'Click' and 'Tap' are one of the most commonly used gestures UI on touchscreen. There were many studies that aimed to provide realistic tactile feedback when user touched a graphic object on touchscreen. In this study, we analyzed perceived intensity levels of tactile sensation that can be utilized in clicking or tapping gesture on touchscreen. Two(More)
In this paper, we present a haptic touchscreen interface for mobile devices. A surface actuator composed of two parallel plates is mounted between a touch panel and a display module. It generates haptic feedback when a user input on a touch screen. The electrostatic force is generated when two parallel plates are charged and this phenomenon causes haptic(More)
Multi-touch interfaces are becoming popular as a new input means for the various applications. In this paper, we suggest a new Korean text entry method using a multi-touch interface called MPT (Multi-Point Touch) input method. We conducted a text entry performance test comprising 4 sessions for 10 participants, and compared the result with an existing(More)
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