Heesik Jeon

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Citing proverbs and (famous) statements of other people can provide support, shed new perspective, and/or add humor to one’s arguments in writings or dialogs. Recommending quote for dialog or writing can be done by considering the various features of the current text called context. We present five new approaches to quote recommendation: 1) methods to(More)
Measuring semantic similarity between short texts is challenging because the meaning of short texts may vary dramatically even by a few words due to their limited lengths. In this paper, we propose a novel similarity measure for terms that allows better clustering performance than the state-of-the-art method. To achieve such performance, we incorporate(More)
In this poster, we propose an emotion analysis method using context information gathered from sensor data. We observe that there are certain situations in which a specific emotion is strongly felt, i.e. dominant. We develop a "scenario-based" approach that focuses on creating such situations with dominant emotion, using a set of context information from(More)
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