Heeseon Lim

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We confirmed the coverage dependent variation of tautomers of 2-mercaptothiazoline (the thiolate and thione forms) adsorbed on the Ge(100) surface under UHV conditions by using HRXPS measurements in conjunction with the DFT calculation method, which was studied before only in aqueous systems. The C 1s, S 2p, and N 1s core-level spectra obtained using HRXPS(More)
Organic crystals deposited on 2-dimensional (2D) van der Waals substrates have been widely investigated due to their unprecedented crystal structures and electrical properties. van der Waals interaction between organic molecules and the substrate induces epitaxial growth of high quality organic crystals and their anomalous crystal morphologies. Here, we(More)
Light absorption in organic molecules on an inorganic substrate and subsequent electron transfer to the substrate create so-called hybrid charge transfer exciton (HCTE). The relaxation process of the HCTE states largely determines charge separation efficiency or optoelectronic device performance. Here, the study on energy and time-dispersive behavior of(More)
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