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The effects of forearm and wrist supports on the upper extremity postures in computer keying tasks and associated EMG activity of arm and back muscles were examined (N = 8). Four positions were forearms unsupported (floating) and supported, wrists supported by bead packed (WR1) and gel-filled (WR2) wrist rest. The right and left elbow extensions were 65(More)
A study was undertaken to identify the work stressors among male and female weavers (N=516) in powerloom and handloom and examine the association of work stressors with the prevalence of work related musculo-skeletal disorders (MSDs). Physical and psychosocial stresses of work, job diagnostics, hazards of workplace, working environment and MSDs prevalence(More)
Workers in the Indian informal sector are engaged with different occupations. These occupations involve varied work related hazards. These occupational hazards are a consequent risk to health. The study aimed to determine occupational health scenario in the Indian Informal sector. One thousand eleven hundred twenty two workers from five different(More)
Properties of supporting surfaces of a seat have an influence on postural control. Centre of pressure (COP) displacement parameters reflect both the balance controlling process and movements of the centre of a mass of entire body. The subjects of the study were 9 healthy men. A seat cushion was examined with a 2-force platform setup. Force exertion at a(More)
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