Heena V. Lad

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Communication between various ovarian cell types is a prerequisite for folliculogenesis and ovulation. In antral follicles granulosa cells divide into two distinct populations of mural and cumulus granulosa cells (CGC), enveloping the antrum and surrounding the oocyte, respectively. Both cell types, with the mural compartment in excess, contribute to the(More)
The use of large scale behavioural batteries for the discovery of novel genes underlying behavioural variation has considerable potential. Building a broad behavioural profile serves to better understand the complex interplay of overlapping genetic factors contributing to various paradigms, underpinning a systems biology approach. We devised a battery of(More)
UNLABELLED Standardized phenotyping protocols are essential for the characterization of phenotypes so that results are comparable between different laboratories and phenotypic data can be related to ontological descriptions in an automated manner. We describe a web-based resource for the visualization, searching and downloading of standard operating(More)
Skilled movements, such as reaching and grasping, have classically been considered as originating in the primate lineage. For this reason, the use of rodents to investigate the genetic and molecular machinery of reaching and grasping has been limited in research. A few studies in rodents have now shown that these movements are not exclusive to primates.(More)
Establishing standard operating procedures (SOPs) as tools for the analysis of behavioral phenotypes is fundamental to mouse functional genomics. It is essential that the tests designed provide reliable measures of the process under investigation but most importantly that these are reproducible across both time and laboratories. For this reason, we devised(More)
Systematic phenotyping of mouse strains and mutants generated through genome-wide mutagenesis programs promises to deliver a wealth of functional genetic information. To this end, the appropriation of a standard series of phenotyping protocols is desirable to produce data sets that are consistent within and across laboratories and across time. Standard(More)
Immobility in the tail suspension test (TST) is considered a model of despair in a stressful situation, and acute treatment with antidepressants reduces immobility. Inbred strains of mouse exhibit widely differing baseline levels of immobility in the TST and several quantitative trait loci (QTLs) have been nominated. The labor of manual scoring and various(More)
Determining the genetic bases of age-related disease remains a major challenge requiring a spectrum of approaches from human and clinical genetics to the utilization of model organism studies. Here we report a large-scale genetic screen in mice employing a phenotype-driven discovery platform to identify mutations resulting in age-related disease, both(More)
Energy depletion has been highlighted as an important contributor to the pathology of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), a common inherited cardiac disease. Pharmacological reversal of energy depletion appears an attractive approach and the use of perhexiline has been proposed as it is thought to shift myocardial metabolism from fatty acid to glucose(More)
Silvia Mandillo,* Valter Tucci,* Sabine M. Hölter,* Hamid Meziane,* Mumna Al Banchaabouchi,* Magdalena Kallnik,* Heena V. Lad,* Patrick M. Nolan,* Abdel-Mouttalib Ouagazzal,* Emma L. Coghill, Karin Gale, Elisabetta Golini, Sylvie Jacquot, Wojtek Krezel, Andy Parker, Fabrice Riet, Ilka Schneider, Daniela Marazziti, Johan Auwerx, Steve D. M. Brown, Pierre(More)
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